CoasterVille Goods Shop: Everything you need to know

Did you already purchase the Goods Factory in CoasterVille? Does that premium item, which produces 490 Goods every day, still not produce enough to fulfill your theme park's constantly growing needs? If you answered yes, or even if you just want a new way to boost you park's productivity, you can now purchase a Goods Shop for your park.

This Goods Shop offers a cheaper option for those players that want a guaranteed way to earn Goods each and every day they play, but aren't willing to pay the 125 Park Cash for the Goods Factory itself. This Goods Shop still isn't cheap, as it costs 95 Park Cash to purchase, but it is at least somewhat easier on the wallet.

For this price of around $15 USD, this Goods Shop produces 250 Goods each and every day, so long as you keep coming back to the park and collecting the Goods that are rightfully yours. This item has no other purpose, and it's not very large, but it will allow you to earn Goods each day without really thinking about it. Since there are so many quests, building projects, and other features in CoasterVille that require Goods to complete, it's always nice to have more than one way to earn them, but hopefully, even cheaper options will come out for those players that want to protect their wallet for a bit longer.

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