CastleVille 'Power of Alchemy' Quests: Everything you need to know


Faugrimm is back in your Kingdom in CastleVille, so Alistair and Giovanni have partnered to take the battle to Beasties and Faugrimm alike with the help of a little bit of alchemy. There are eight new quests to complete in the Power of Alchemy series, and we're here with a guide to help you finish them off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Raise the Drawbridge

  • Have 2 Barb Wire

  • Have 5 Wood Logs

  • Have 5 Pails of Water

The Barb Wire is earned by posting a general request to your news feed. When you finish this first incredibly simple quest, you'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

Powerful Alchemy

  • Collect 2 Alchemist Powders

  • Craft 2 Magic Handcuffs

  • Banish the Gloom Thief

The Magic Handcuffs can be crafted inside the Studio using one Bronze Bar, two Screws, three Flaxseed Oil and five Beeswax. You can ask your friends for the Beeswax, but all of the other items must be created or gathered on your own (or purchased with Crowns). When you complete this second quest, you'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

Secret of Alchemy

  • Craft 1 Torch of Alchemy

  • Place 1 Torch of Alchemy Near Animals

  • Collect 1 Alchemist Powder via the Torch of Alchemy

The Torch of Alchemy can be created inside the Magic Torch Shop using Alchemist's Pestles, a Bronze Bar, Yellow Feathers, and Stone Blocks. By placing this item near animals, and then tending five animals that are near the Torch, you'll receive a free Alchemist Powder. You'll earn 2,000 coins and 40 XP when you complete this quest.

Armor Up!

  • Craft 2 Steel Swords

  • Tax 5 Houses

  • Place 2 Moats

The Steel Swords are created inside the Workshop using two Alchemist Powders, Tongs, and Steel Bars. Each one takes nine hours to create, so feel free to create both of these at once to save time. Finishing this quest gives you 2,500 coins and 50 XP.

Secure the Gates!

  • Craft 2 Guardian Torches

  • Place the Guardian Torches Near Rocks

  • Click on Rocks 5 Times

The Guardian Torches are created inside the Magic Torch Shop. Each one requires two Knife Sharpeners, four Copper Trinkets, one Iron Bar, and five Pails of Water to complete. When you place these Guardian Torches near rocks, the rocks become "invincible," so you can click on them without breaking them. Instead, you'll receive Bricks of Mettle that are required for this quest. Completing this quest gives you 2,500 coins and 50 XP.

All it Takes is Some Courage

  • Go Fishing 5 Times

  • Craft 2 Armored Wall Pieces

  • Place 2 Armored Wall Pieces

The Armored Wall Pieces are created inside the Workshop using Iron Bars, Alchemist Powders, and those Bricks of Mettle. Each one takes just five minutes to create. When you place them and complete this quest, you'll receive another 2,500 coins and 50 XP.

The Business of Safety

  • Craft 4 Torches of Alchemy

  • Craft 2 Super Clobbers

  • Banish the Gloom Goblins

The Super Clobbers are made with Wood Clubs and Alchemist Powders, and each one takes two hours to create. When you activate one in your game, you can use it to deal four points of damage to a single Beastie in one click. Completing this quest gives you 3,250 coins and 65 XP.

Final Stand!

  • Craft 3 Guardian Torches

  • Place 5 Armored Walls

  • Clear 5 Grass

The Armored Walls from the previous quest will apparently carry over here, so you really only need to make three more pieces of Armored Walls, and therefore only craft three more Guardian Torches. As for the grass, this task is completed by tending regular green grass, and not any "special" grass that may have been released in other events. When you complete this final quest in the series, you'll be given another bundle of 3,250 coins and 65 XP, but you'll also receive an Alistair Statue decoration to place in your Kingdom. Good luck finishing all of these quests!

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