What to Steer Clear of When Buying Auto Parts

Savings Experiment: Save on Auto Parts When it comes to repairing your car, used and aftermarket parts can lead to big savings. However, not all parts are worth your investment. Here, we take a look at your best bets and show you how to avoid financial potholes.

Cosmetic items like hoods, bumpers and wheels are the best kinds of used car parts, as they are easily reused and, if they're in good condition, will keep you looking good on the road. Other pieces, like power windows, mirrors and headlights, are also worthwhile purchases.

You should avoid used parts when it comes to safety, though. Believe it or not, you can find secondhand airbags, seat belts and brake components, but you never want to compromise your family's safety just to save a few bucks. In this case, it's better to pay more now than to be sorry later.

There are bargains to be had with aftermarket parts, but not when it comes to your car's computer system. Third-party companies sometimes use inferior materials, which can ultimately offset any savings if they fail. Meanwhile, car wipers, fluids, filters and exhaust systems are good bets for you and your budget.

car engineSo, when it comes to buying parts for auto repairs, keep these tips on hand and you'll be driving away with both a great deal and some peace of mind.
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