Do You Have Faith in Goldman Sachs?


Goldman Sachs is still making money hand over fist, albeit at a slightly slower pace. The giant investment bank's first quarter revenue was only up slightly compared to the same period of the previous year as economic uncertainty weighed on businesses. Is the lack of growth at Goldman a sign that the firm is beginning to lose its magical touch?

In this video, Motley Fool banking analyst David Hanson reminds investors to take the long-term view and put faith in the Goldman Sachs management team and global brand.

During the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs did so well pivoting to avoid the worst of the fallout that it had to downplay its success to duck public ire and conspiracy theories. Today, Goldman is still arguably the powerhouse global financial name, and yet its stock trades at a valuation of less than half what it fetched prior to the crisis. Does this make Goldman one of the best opportunities in the market today? To answer that question, I invite you to check out The Motley Fool's special report on the bank. In it, Fool banking expert Matt Koppenheffer uncovers the key issues facing Goldman, including three specific areas Goldman investors must watch. To get access to this report, just click here.

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