Digital Chocolate enters the world of real-money gambling with Slots! Pocket UK


Earlier this month, Zynga released its version of real-money gambling in the UK via ZyngaPlusCasino and ZyngaPlusPoker. Now, Digital Chocolate has jumped into the world of real-money gambling as well with the launch of Slots! Pocket UK on iPhone and iPad. As the name might suggest, the app is exclusive to the UK, giving players a chance to bet either real money or virtual currency on in-game slot machines.

At launch, Slots! Pocket UK comes with seven themed slot machines, with the promise of more coming soon. These machines each come with a unique theme, from Safari to the Wild West, and by simply playing, gamers will level up and increase their chances of winning more prizes by continuing to play the game.

In addition to simply pressing a button to spin each machine's wheels, players can also place an "Anchor" that will hold a specific reel, apply multipliers if they're really feeling lucky, and even shake the reels to see how the outcome of a spin changes.

"Real-money play is a major growth opportunity in mobile gaming and we believe by combining social game design with RMG, we will help pioneer a whole new class of mobile gaming," said Jason Loia, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Chocolate, via a company release. "We are excited to have partnered with Betable to enable RMG in SLOTS! Pocket UK and we look forward to growing our lineup of social real-money games."

If you live in the UK and are interested in trying out Slots! Pocket UK, you can now download the game and start gambling now. Good luck!

Would you ever gamble real money in a social game, or do prefer to only bet money in the real world? Sound off in the comments!