Security Guard Allegedly Fired For Blowing Whistle On Musicians' Drug Use

Universal Music Group drug useIn California, it's legal to use marijuana for medical reasons, but smoking pot is still very much illegal in offices in that state. A security guard filed a lawsuit last week against Universal Music Publishing Group, claiming that it has been "infiltrated with pervasive drug use where you could smell marijuana seeping from various offices and openly used in common areas," says The Hollywood Reporter.

The guard, who filed the suit anonymously, claimed that celebrities visited the offices with "drugs in hand and oftentimes offering drugs to Plaintiff, which she refused," and that her superiors turned "a blind eye," the trade paper reports. The guard, who described herself in the suit as a 41-year-old African-American woman, is suing Universal Music Publishing Group-owned UPMG; her employer, Universal Protection Services; the building's management and others, alleging a hostile work environment and wrongful termination. She claims that she was effectively fired -- by being banned from the premises -- after she filed written complaints alleging the illegal activity.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the guard says that she witnessed drug use or paraphernalia used by singer Macy Gray, and guests of Jamie Foxx, MC Ren and rapper T.I. She also claimed to have heard about drug use involving Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. When she complained that she smelled marijuana smoke coming from a recording studio where Levine and his guests' purportedly were, she alleged that a manager responded that Levine can "do whatever he wants. If he wants to come to the lobby and do a line of cocaine on the floor, it's OK," the Reporter said.

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The guard is also said to have alleged in the suit that people used candles and incense to cover the smell, and that she once escorted Jimmy Iovine, an executive at Interscope/Geffen Records, to a lounge where she witnessed American Idol participants with "blazers," slang for people smoking marijuana.

It also paints a picture of a sexually charged workplace where people were "passed out in the showers after partying and drug use" and condoms were found "plastered in the men's bathroom," The Hollywood Reporter says, quoting from the lawsuit. The guard also claimed to have witnessed UMPG workers engaged in "intimate touching and grinding."

The security guard further says that she was the victim of racial slurs by artists. According to the Reporter, she was terminated soon after she asked T.I.'s bodyguards to move their vehicles to the appropriate parking lot. Her request was purportedly refused by a bodyguard who said, "I gotta be able to get this boy outta here if a shootout or something goes down." The security guard claims that two days after she complained to UMPG she was suspended, then was told that she couldn't return to the premises.

A spokesperson for Universal Music told the Reporter that the allegations are "absurd." The security guard seeks an unspecified amount of damages.

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