March Madness Facebook Game Face-off 2013: And the winner is...

March Madness Facebook Game Face-off Winner

Pool Live Tour by Geewa!

In a face-off that could have gone either way, Geewa's billiards simulator came out on top in this year's final round of the March Madness Facebook Game Face-off against last year's victor and match-3 hit, Diamond Dash by Wooga. Pool Live Tour garnered over 52 percent of the vote for a total of 19,674 votes, leaving Diamond Dash with over 47 percent and 17,778 votes.

Overall, this is the biggest upset that has ever seen in this competition. Geewa managed to defeat the two most popular social game makers on Facebook--Zynga and King--on its way to the top. Not to mention Pool Live Tour ousted Dragon City, which was all but destined for the Final Round rocking the vote in the first two rounds ... until it came along.

So, here's to the underdogs giving the top brass what for. And congratulations to you, Pool Live Tour!

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