FarmVille 2 Lawn and Garden Week Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know

One of the most enjoyable parts about growing a garden is being able to use the items that you grow in other ways. Whether it be flowers that you place in an indoor vase or fruits and vegetables that you use for cooking, it only makes sense that Zynga would adopt this same idea with FarmVille 2's newest item theme: Lawn and Garden Week. There are three new crafting recipes available for completion inside the game's Crafting Kitchen, and we're here with a complete look at their requirements.

The first recipe is the Iced Apricot Poppy Cookie, which requires four Flour and 10 Poppy Apricots to cook. The Flour is earned using Wheat, while the Poppy Apricots are earned by tending the Poppy Apricot tree. A single Poppy Apricot Tree can be purchased in the store for 12 Farm Bucks, but if you don't want to spend the Farm Bucks yourself, you can try to tend your friends' trees for a chance to earn a few that way. You'll receive 16 XP for each batch of Cookies you create, and you'll be able to sell a single one for 3,110 coins.

The second of three recipes is the Apricot Poppy Crepe Pouch. This recipe is created using 12 Poppy Apricots and one Batter. You'll need to make Batter using Flour and Eggs, and you'll receive 16 XP for creating a single batch of these Crepe Pouches. You can sell them for 3,360 coins.

The final recipe in this series is a Radish Bite. The Radish Bites are created using two Batter and 10 Watermelon Radishes. Watermelon Radishes are planted using 36 coins per square and they can be harvested after growing for four hours. Each one of these Radish Bites is worth 16 XP and 2,230 coins.

These recipes will be available in the game's Crafting Kitchen for the next 27 days, so good luck creating them to stock up on coins!

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What do you think of this new series of Lawn and Garden Week Kitchen recipes? Will you purchase a premium Apricot tree in order to create two of these recipes? Sound off in the comments!