FarmVille 2 Coin Land Expansions: Everything you need to know


High-level FarmVille 2 players are now being rewarded for their hard work, as Zynga has rolled out the Waterpatch and "Horse Wilds" land expansions for coins, but only to players that have reached at least Level 43 and 48 in their games.

The Waterpatch expansion is located on the top right corner of the map, and it contains what looks to be both a stump and a rock to clear, along with a Well that will allow you to gain 10 extra water every few hours. This well comes completely built, so you'll be able to use it right away. This land expansion is now available to players that have reached at least Level 48 on their farms.

As for the Horse Wilds, this expansion is available for players that have reached Level 43. Reaching this expansion unlocks Appaloosa Horses and Flags as decorations for your farm. The expansion also comes with some debris to clear with the help of friends, so you won't earn all of this land space right away.

Of course, just because you're eligible to receive these expansions doesn't mean they'll simply be given to you for free. You'll need to collect a ton of land expansion permits, along with completing other tasks to actually unlock them. Good luck!

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