Explosions in Boston Roil Markets


UPDATE at 4:05 PM EST: Bloomberg TV has used a Boston Police Department report calling that there have been 22 injuries and 2 deaths, as well as secondary devices being found. Unfortunately it looks like terrorism fears are back in America.

Initial 20 images from WCVB's The Boston Channel and here is a video image of one of the blasts.


Prior reporting:

We do not have any news as to the cause as of 3:20 PM EST but there have been two explosions which have taken place in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston marathon site shortly before 3:00 PM EST. There were reports of multiple injuries and Bloomberg TV's live footage showed paramedics working on people. As the reports are conflicting and still developing we are going to hold off of putting in any solid figures as reports are still conflicting with a dozen or more injuries. The current reports sounds like some of the fears we faced ten and eleven years ago, but we are not going to label this as terrorism, accident, or anything else at this point.

We are seeing the S&P 500 Index down 28 points at 1560 and the DJIA is down 186 at 14,678; the 30-year Treasury Bond is yielding 2.88%.

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