EU to Defend Its Crisis Response at G-20 Meeting


As European Union leaders go to the G-20 conference this week, they will try to make the case that their austerity measures have started to work, that they eventually will repair the balance sheets of weak nations and get them out of recession. According to Bloomberg:

A two-year slump, 19 million unemployed and five countries on emergency aid are no reason to take bold, immediate action to spur economic growth, according to European officials set to defend their handling of the debt crisis in Washington this week.

Shrugging off the U.S. Federal Reserve's stimulus and the Bank of Japan's reflation campaign, Europe's economic managers say they are on the right track in propping up the 17-nation euro zone, even if evidence is taking time to filter through.

"The euro area has made further progress in the implementation of its comprehensive crisis-response strategy," European Union officials will tell the Group of 20 finance ministers this week, according to a draft statement obtained by Bloomberg News at an EU meeting in Dublin two days ago. The bloc expects "a mild recovery setting in toward mid-2013 and strengthening in the second half of 2013 and in 2014."

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