CoasterVille: Build "second" Prop Shops, Costume Tailors, and more


If you're looking to increase your productivity in CoasterVille, and you're willing to spend Park Cash to do it, then you'll probably be interested in a variety of new buildings that have been released in the game's store. These buildings are technically duplicates of what you may already have, like a second Prop Shop for instance, but once you build them, you'll be able to craft two things in your park at once, making faster progress through quests in the process.

So far, there is a second Central Kitchen, second Costume Tailor, and second Prop Shop available for purchase. As we said before, all of these items cost Park Cash to purchase, but veteran players might find the investment worth it. Each of these items costs 80 Park Cash to purchase, which is a little more than $10 USD each if you purchase Park Cash at its normal rate.

You won't receive any new crafting materials or recipes after you purchase these buildings, but you will be able to craft two of the same item at once, which will definitely help in the long run. Since so many quests and rides require multiples of crafting projects, these buildings will likely pay for themselves in terms of saved time and patience, so if you've got the extra Park Cash to spare, make sure to check them all out in the store now.

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What do you think of these premium "second" Prop Shops, Costume Tailors, and Central Kitchens. Will you spend the Park Cash to purchase these items for your park? Sound off in the comments!