ChefVille 'In-Law Meet & Greet' Catering Order: Everything you need to know


After you've finished the Engagement Bash Catering Order in ChefVille, you'll be able to move onto the second order in this wedding-filled chapter: In-Law Meet & Greet. Thankfully, completing this order won't be as stressful as meeting your in-laws in the real world, but we're here with a guide to help you finish it all the same. There are five tasks to complete in this In-Law Meet & Greet order, so let's take a look at them, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

In-Law Meet & Greet

  • Collect Frilly Placemats

  • Cook Wild Mushroom Salad or Chicken Cobb Salad

  • Cook Creamy Broccoli Soup or Cozy Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Cook Garlic Cheese Bread or Pesto Chicken

  • Cook Tangy Orange Chicken or Southwestern Omelette

After you've collected the Frilly Placemats from friends, you'll have some options ahead of you as to how to complete the rest of this order. The first pair of dishes is found inside the Salad Station. The Wild Mushroom Salad requires just one Romaine Lettuce, one Mushroom, and two Tomatoes to cook every two minutes, while the Chicken Cobb Salad requires four Romaine Lettuce, three Chicken, and two Eggs to cook every five minutes. Since both are available inside the same cooking appliance, you can't cook both at once, and are better off cooking the Mushroom Salad and skipping the Chicken Cobb entirely.

As for the Creamy Broccoli Soup and Cozy Chicken Noodle Soup, the same sort of situation applies. The Cozy Chicken Noodle Soup requires five Chicken, one Chicken Broth, and one Egg Noodles to create. The dish takes six hours to cook, and you'll need to craft the noodles before you can cook it in the first place. Meanwhile, the Creamy Broccoli Soup simply requires three Broccoli and two Milk to prepare. The dish takes the same amount of time to cook, but it's obviously the better choice due to its ingredient


Garlic Cheese Bread can be cooked inside the Broiler using one Garlic Toast and two Mozzarella Cheese every six hours, while the Pesto Chicken can be made inside the Skillet using one Pesto and one Marinated Chickens. This dish may only take two minutes to cook, but Marinated Chicken is a fairly rare ingredients, all things considered.

Finally, the Tangy Orange Chicken can be made inside the Wok using five Oranges, five Chicken, and two Salt per six-hour batch, while the Southwestern Omelette is made on the Griddle using six Eggs, three Pepper, and one Mild Salsa. This dish also takes six hours to cook, so it's up to you to find the right combination of these two dishes to finish off the task.

Remember, you can bring friends in on this order with you to help you out, so make sure to assign the tasks amongst yourself so that you don't cook too much of a single dish and too little of another. There are plenty of rewards up for grabs as you work on this Order, with multiple rewards being available at each of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal rankings. Here's the full breakdown.

Gold Reward (First Time): 1 Wedding Column, 2 Instant Thyme, 3 Instant Restock
Gold Reward (Second Time & Third Time): 1 Wedding Column, 4 One-Hour Thyme, 2 One-Hour Restock
Gold Reward (All Other Times): 1 Wedding Column, 4 One-Hour Restock

Silver Reward (First Time): 3 Instant Thyme, 4 One-Hour Restock, 500 coins, 50 XP
Silver Reward (All Other Times): 4 One-Hour Thyme, 500 coins, 50 XP

Bronze Reward (First Time): 1 Instant Thyme, 1 Ingredient Bundle (Contains: 2 Onions, 2 Salami, 2 Long Grain Rice, 2 Parmesan Cheese, 1 Olive Oil), 50 coins, 10 XP
Bronze Reward (All Other Times): 1 Ingredient Bundle, 50 coins, 10 XP

Good luck completing this order in your restaurant!

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