CastleVille 'Morgana's Legacy' Quests: Everything you need to know


A brand new event and character has launched in CastleVille, as players are introduced to a young squire named Morgana. With Alistair's help, you'll be able to expand into a new part of the Gloom and restore a Jousting Field in a seven-part quest series called "Morgana's Legacy." We're here with a guide to completing these quests, with help from Zynga. Let's get started!

Voice in the Gloom

  • Explore the Gloom

  • Collect 2 Pails of Water from Ponds

The Gloom can be explored by having 100 Castle Level points, one Exploration Crystal, and 1,500 coins. When you finish this first simple quest, you'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

All for the Legacy

  • Have 3 Bottles of Memory Dust

  • Craft 6 Rope

  • Have 4 Stone Blocks

The Bottles of Memory Dust are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, asking for help. Meanwhile, the Rope is created using Flax. You'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP when you finish this second quest.

Old, But Not Gold

  • Tend 5 Flowers

  • Craft 1 Cotton Cloth

  • Craft 4 Restoration Talismans

The Cotton Cloth is made using Cotton Thread and Reputation Hearts, while the Restoration Talismans are created inside the Studio using those Bottles of Memory Dust, Pails of Water, Rainbow Feathers, and more. Finishing this third quest gives you 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

Take Five, Everyone!

  • Tax 4 Houses

  • Craft 2 Carrot Cake

  • Clear 6 Grass, Bushes, or Dead Logs

The Carrot Cakes are created inside the Kitchen using regular Cakes, and Carrots. The Cakes themselves are created after you've built both a Mill and a Bakery. Finishing this quest gives you yet another bundle of 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

A Curse for the Ages

  • Have 5 Bags of Holding

  • Craft 1 Keg

  • Craft 9 Restoration Talismans

The Bags of Holding are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Keg is made inside the Workshop using Alchemist Powders, Iron Bars, and Wood Planks. Finishing this quest gives you 3,250 coins and 65 XP.

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

  • Feed 8 Animals

  • Craft 2 Thermometers

  • Craft 9 Restoration Talismans

The Animals can be any kind, so feel free to just feed eight animals that happen to be ready at the time. For the Thermometers, you'll need items like Ice Chunks, Bellows, and Screws to create them inside the Studio. When you complete this quest, you'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP.

Never Grow Old

  • Craft 3 Kettlebells

  • Craft 12 Restoration Talismans

  • Water 3 Saplings

The Kettlebells are created inside the Workshop using Iron Bars, Hammers, and Steel Studs. The Studs are earned by asking your friends to send them to you.You'll receive an Armored Jousing Horse, 3,250 coins, and 65 XP when you complete this final quest in the series.

Even though these quests aren't particular difficult, they are rather time consuming, so we wish you the best of luck in finishing them all off!

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What do you think of this series of new quests, and this new character in CastleVille? How many of these quests have you been able to complete so far? Sound off in the comments!