CastleVille 'In Pursuit of a Knighthood' Quests: Everything you need to know


As you work on completing the "Morgana's Legacy" quest line in CastleVille, you'll also unlock a second quest line starring the game's newest character, Morgana. This quest line deals with the Tournament Pavilion and actually helping Morgana become a knight. We're here with a guide to completing the five quests in this "Pursuit of a Knighthood" quest line, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

A-Squiring to Greatness

  • Investigate the Tournament Pavilion

  • Have 10 Wood Logs

  • Collect 4 Piles of Sand

You'll simply need to click on the Tournament Pavilion to complete this particular task, and you'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP for finishing this first quest.

Armor Up!

  • Banish 2 Beasties

  • Have 2 Dragon's Breath

  • Craft Morgana's Armor

The Beasties can be any kind and of any strength so feel free to use Potions or simply tend some flowers and animals to pull out some Beasties relatively quickly. For Morgana's Armor, this item is created using items like Chainmail, Beeswax, and Pails of Water. You'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP when you complete this quest.

Armor Up Again!

  • Collect 6 Pieces of Cow Hide

  • Craft 4 Wooden Clubs

  • Craft Enchanted Suit of Armor

The new Enchanted Armor can be created inside the Workshop using Anvils, Steel, Beeswax, and Chainmail. Thankfully, this recipe only takes five seconds to craft, so once you earn the required materials, you'll be able to fly through this quest relatively quickly. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 2,000 coins and another 40 XP.

Target Practice

  • Summon 2 Beasties

  • Craft 1 Flaming Sword

  • Banish 2 Beasties

If you don't have any Beastie summoning potions in your inventory, remember that you can also purchase them in the store. Your best bet is to summon Gloom Rats, and that way you'll be able to complete this west while also saving time and energy. As for the Flaming Sword, this is made using Amber, Alchemist's Powder, and Iron Bar and more. You'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP for completing this quest.

Lances Make Your Arm Strong

  • Gather 3 Iron Ore

  • Craft Morgana's Jousting Lance

  • Craft 4 Champagne

The Lance can be made inside the Workshop using an Axe, Aquamarine, Anvils, and Chainmail. As for the Champagne, this is created inside the Kitchen using Grapes, Pails of Water, Bottles, and Sugar. When you complete this final quest in the series, you'll receive 2,000 coins, 40 XP, and a Knight Statue for your Kingdom.

Good luck finishing all of these quests in your own game!

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