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Farm Frenzy Tips & Tricks

In Farm Frenzy, you can't just sit around until the cows come home. That would be an udder mistake. Running a farm takes work. So, here are some helpful pointers to keeping your ducks in a row.

  • You can either go for the gold or silver bonuses by trying to complete each level within a set time frame or you can go for the gold itself and just play to amass as much coin as possible. However, while the latter increases your score, the former gives you greater upgrading potential more quickly.

  • When you run out of well water you can't grow grass. So, as soon as the well runs dry, purchase more water. That way it's ready when you need it.

  • Don't water full-grown grass, as it's a waste of money. But, don't forget to grow some if you're running out. Animals will die quickly without grass to eat.

  • When growing grass, grow it toward the bottom of the clearing. Bears appear at the top of the screen and any animals in range will be lost. Animals will wander around the full area, but will return to the grass periodically to eat, keeping them away from newly approaching bears.

  • Some levels require a set number of animals to complete. But, more than that minimum number will allow you to generate needed goods more quickly. So, don't be afraid to buy more of a certain critter than the base minimum.

  • Occasionally, you can sell some of your animals to complete a level faster - if the only goal you lack is monetary. Or, they simply may not be needed once a specific goal is met. Selling them nets you added revenue once they're no longer required.

  • Bears take up a lot of space in your storehouse, so, after upgrading your farm, don't put any more of them in your warehouse. They don't bring in as much money as do other goods. Once caged, bears flee when they escape. Thus, you only need to cage them once.

  • As you progress in levels, buy cats. Cats collect items the animals produce for you, allowing you to attend to other duties. They're especially helpful on levels that get frantic quickly.

  • Also purchase dogs when funds permit. They keep bears at bay, protecting your valuable livestock. Losing a necessary critter can rob you of the silver or gold bonus.

  • Upgrade wisely. Not all of your buildings need to be upgraded as fast as possible. Certain levels can be completed without maxing out your structures.

  • On the initial goals screen before play begins, take time to think through the order in which you need to add animals and upgrade your structures. It pays to plan in advance so you don't waste funds on critters or building upgrades you don't really need.

  • Process as many raw goods as possible. Processed goods such as egg solids, baked goods and spun wool generate more money than raw "materials" like eggs, wool and milk.

  • Upgrade your well to the maximum level and it will take care of irrigation for you, alleviating your need to deal with growing grass (and potential starving animals).

  • Buy the cage upgrade as soon as possible. It makes catching bears easier, reducing the number of clicks required to cage them.

  • Early upgrades should include your storehouse and car, as well. Increasing your storehouse to full capacity keeps products from expiring due to overstocked shelves, and upgraded cars deliver goods faster and carry larger loads. So, purchase the first level upgrades for the storehouse and car as soon as you can afford to do it.

  • Upgrading your storage capacity and transportation early also helps increase revenue from selling bears for "start-up capital" while you build your ability to produce process goods. Later in a level it's not as critical, but early on each bear sold lets you purchase an egg-laying duck. First-level upgrades will allow you to store and transport a pair of bear.

  • When selecting goods to transport to market, it's easy to rely solely on selecting all of a specific item. However, that doesn't maximize the number of goods you can deliver in a single trip. Try adding individual goods to the car when choosing "all" doesn't work.

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    Also, when selecting goods to transport, choose them based on the value they offer. Filling your vehicle with raw eggs won't produce as much money as filling it with egg solids or baked goods. The same is true with regard to wool versus spun wool. Plus, if you sell your raw goods and there aren't enough left to process, it holds up production.

  • Certain levels require a specific number of egg solid plants, bakeries, spinneries and such to play. If you don't have a sufficient number to advance, simply replay a previous level to generate the necessary revenue to purchase what's needed.

  • When turning raw materials into processed goods, make sure you have a sufficient number of unprocessed goods in your storehouse before beginning to process. If your egg solids plant will process three eggs at a time and you only have two available, it will take longer to produce the required goods. Wait until you have enough goods on hand to maximize the processing time required.

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