CoasterVille Jungle Spin: Everything you need to know


If it feels like the Jungle section of your theme park in CoasterVille is missing a little something, you might be interested in building the new Jungle Spin ride in your park. This Jungle Spin is a new multi-stage building project that comes with a series of basic quests, each asking you to make progress on building the Jungle Spin itself. We're here with a quick guide to get you started in this event, so let's go!

Spinning Up

  • Place the Jungle Spin Foundation

  • Finish the Jungle Spin Foundation

The Jungle Spin Foundation will be given to you for free when you login to your park. It's a relatively large item, so you might need to rearrange some things in order to place it. Once you've placed the base, you'll need to collect 1,680 coins, five Ostrich Feathers, 210 Goods, and 1,680 Thrill Points to finish off this first stage. The Ostrich Feathers are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general request placed on your news feed.

When you complete this first stage, you'll receive 200 coins and two Hospitality.


  • Complete the Second Stage of the Jungle Spin

This second building stage requires 2,100 coins, six Bamboo Posts, 263 Goods, and 2,100 Thrill Points to complete. The Bamboo Posts are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help. It's best to play the game on long enough to send out these requests, as you'll likely have more neighbors available to ask than if you just played the game on Facebook.

Through each of the ride's remaining three building stages, you'll need to collect more and more of each kind of materials, like coins or Thrill Points, and the ride itself will become more valuable as a result. You'll have just four weeks to complete these overall quests in the Jungle Spin series, so good luck!

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What do you think of this new Jungle Spin in CoasterVille? Which building stage have you made it to so far? Sound off in the comments!