ChefVille 5 Minute Head Chef Challenge: Everything you need to know


The newest installment in the Head Chef Challenge feature in ChefVille has now launched, with players being asked to cook dishes that take just five minutes to prepare in order to earn points. This event also comes with bonus points that can be earned by cooking very specific dishes, and we're here with a look at this overall event.

Again, this "5 Minute" Head Chef Challenge will see users rewarded with one point per five-minute dish that they cook. You can

cook as many different types of dishes that you'd like, or just cook the same dish over and over again for points, as that's all up to you. If you want bonus points though, you can start by cooking the following dishes, as the first time you cook them, you'll receive bonus points on your total:

Caprese Salad (Salad Station)
Quiche Barbara (Broiler)
Horiatiki (Greek Cooking Station)
Steak Florentine (Brick Oven)
Cheese Samosa (Samosa Fryer)

It looks like each of these dishes will give you around 10 points, but you'll only earn the bonus the first time you prepare them. After that point, you'll earn just one point per dish as normal. In terms of prizes, this week's event comes with three of them, depending on how many points you earn in total. You can earn the first prize by simply cooking the five dishes above, while the rest will require a bit more time invested than that.

Earn 40 Points - Receive 5 Energy
Earn 100 Points - Receive 7 One-Hour Thyme
Earn 175 Points - Receive 2 Head Chef Mystery Crates

This challenge, and these prizes, will only be available for the next four days, so make sure to cook as many five minute dishes as you can if you're interested in earning these rewards in your restaurant. Good luck!

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What do you think of this new 5 Minute Head Chef Challenge in ChefVille? How many points have you earned so far? Let us know in the comments!