Help animal warriors defeat an evil witch in ZooVale, coming soon to iOS, Facebook


Knightly Adventure developer Pangalore has revealed its latest HTML5 title, the animal filled ZooVale, which will launch later this Spring on iOS and Facebook. ZooVale stars a series of talking animals that want nothing more than to live in peace and harmony in the animal kingdom, but who come under attack by an evil witch. With your help, you'll be able to rescue the world of these lovely critters, interacting with your friends along the way.

ZooVale offers social RPG play as players start by building a zoo village using farms, decorations, and other buildings that can be upgraded to increase their productivity and the player's "Fame" points. The village can be filled with animals that are either bred by pairing up matching animals or by rescuing trapped animals from the game's witchy villain.


The more animals players rescue or breed, the more fighters and workers they'll have to battle the witch. Finally, missions can be completed with lions and other animals with many seeing the player entering into turn-based battles using a "rock, paper, scissors" type of strategy and luck.

ZooVale is set to launch later this Spring on not only iPhone and iPad, but also Facebook for browser-based play. Check back with us upon release for a full review.

Are you excited to try ZooVale when it launches on iOS or Facebook later this year? Sound off in the comments!