World of Tanks celebrates two year anniversary with bonuses and discounts

World of TanksIf you have an affinity for tank combat, odds are you're playing World of Tanks. Celebrating its two-year anniversary, is rewarding players with bonuses and discounts starting today, April 12, and ending April 15 at 7:00a.m. ET.

The World of Tanks 2nd Anniversary Weekend will be giving players 5x the experience for the first victory of the day in each vehicle; 50% credit discount for equipment; and 50% gold and credit discount for crew training and retraining. In addition to these, there are credit and gold discounts on various tanks and vehicles. If you earn the Top Gun Medal, you earn an extra 25,000 silver every time you get it. There's also a gold discount for Premium, with the savings getting better as the length of Premium increases.

As if that wasn't enough, will be hosting a livestream on Twitch today until 10p.m. ET. There is more than $15,000 in prizes being given away during the stream, including Logitech gaming mice and keyboards, NVIDIA graphics cards, Mad Catz products, J!NX brand World of Tanks apparel, and GUNNAR eyewear.

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