Zynga jumps back into card battle games with War of the Fallen on iOS

Late last year, Zynga jumped into the world of card battle games with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, and the developer / publisher is following up the success of that game with the launch of another card battle game on iPhone and iPad: War of the Fallen. War of the Fallen will see players collecting more than 150 cards that possess over 100 unique skills, all while saving the land from a foreign dark power.

War of the Fallen takes place in the land of Tyreon, which is struck by a massive comet that once held an "ancient evil" prisoner. The impact of the comet crashing into the planet has scattered Shardstones across the land, and it's up to players to take on the role of Shardbreaker to free entities like Gods and creatures from within those Shardstones that can be used to battle the game's demon enemies.

As you might expect from a card battle game, players will progress by collecting a variety of cards and customizing their decks before headed into battle. There are three character factions available, while card evolution will allow gamers to further customize their decks on top of simply choosing which cards to include and which to skip. Both player-vs-computer and player-vs-player battles are available in War of the Fallen, bringing even more gameplay to the title still. Finally, a feature called Guild Force will allow players to join with friends and strangers alike to boost their own abilities and chance of success as they play.

"It's rare to find a card battler game that blends both accessibility and depth, and that's what we've tried to deliver with War of the Fallen," said Scott Koenigsberg, General Manager of War of the Fallen, via a company release. "We hope players – both seasoned card battler veterans and those that are new to the genre – love the level of polish, customization and new social innovations we've included."


War of the Fallen is now available to download for free on iPhone or iPad via the App Store, and the game will launch soon on Android. Check out the screenshots above for more info.

Download War of the Fallen on iOS >

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