Market Close: Big Winners & Losers for April 12, 2013 (RALY, CLNT, CPGI, KFS, SBGI, OSH, CRMB, INFY, TRMD, ALVR)

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Here are today's five biggest gaining stocks at closing:

Rally Software Development Corp. (NYSE: RALY) is up 27.2% at $17.81. Today marks the firm's IPO.

Cleantech Solutions International Inc. (NASDAQ: CLNT) is up 21.4% at $3.80.

China Shengda Packaging Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CPGI) is up 18.9% at $1.24.

Kingway Financial Services Inc. (NYSE: KFS) is up 18% at $4.20.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SBGI) is up 16.5% at $27.60.

And here are today's five biggest losing stocks at closing:

Orchard Supply Hardware Stores Corp. (NASDAQ: OSH) is down 46% at $2.14.

Crumbs Bake Shop Inc. (NASDAQ: CRMB) is down 33.7% at $1.99.

Infosys Ltd. (NYSE: INFY) is down 20.7% at $43.10.

TORM A/S (NASDAQ: TRMD) is down 20.3% at $1.29.

Alvarion Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALVR) is down 15.6% at $3.31.

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