FarmVille Welcomes Horse Hall: Unlock New Mystery Horses

FarmVille Freak
FarmVille Freak

A new Horse Hall animal type laboratory where you can unlock new FarmVille Horses arrived in FarmVille this week! The Horse Hall is a building with purpose that works similar to other recent FarmVille animal laboratories such as the Marine Observatory on FarmVille Atlantis farm and the Monster Lab in Haunted Hollow. In short, the Horse Hall works the same way except it's designed specifically for your Horses and it allows you to create and unlock new exclusive FarmVille Mystery Horses. Read on for everything you need to know about the Horse Hall and for new farming vehicles that you may have missed.

Getting Started

Once the update is made available to you on your FarmVille farm, you can begin your ventures in experimenting with new Horses by placing the Horse Hall on your FarmVille farm. If you can't find the Horse Hall, try keyword searching "Horse Hall" in your FarmVille Market. You'll see two options- the Horse Hall frame for 5 Farm Coins and a ready to use completed Horse Hall for 30 Farm Cash. You may also check out your FarmVille Gift Box where you may have placed the free Horse Hall frame, if you initially didn't have enough space to place it on your farm and needed to clear up some more green space for placement.

If you'd rather not waste Farm Cash purchasing a completed Horse Hall, it's easy to build one for free with the help of friends. You will need to collect ten each of three different construction materials: Fancy Hay, Pretty Saddle, and Hightech Salt Lick.

Each of the supplies are giftable and can also be requested through specific help requests. Unfortunately, you won't find any of the Horse Hall parts in your Special Delivery Boxes. If only.

Note, you can only have one free Horse Hall per FarmVille farm. You may place one Horse Hall on each of your FarmVille farms, but if you'd like more than one Horse Hall on a single farm, you'll have to purchase additional Horse Halls using Farm Cash.

Unlocking New Horses

Once your Horse Hall is completed, it's time to store some ponies and start unlocking new FarmVille Mystery Horses. Each time you harvest your Horse Hall, you will receive Horseshoes. There are five types of horseshoes as listed below.

• Silver Horseshoe
• Black Horseshoe
• Red Horseshoe
• Blue Horseshoe
• Gold Horseshoe

Each Horse Hall Mystery Horse requires a different combination of Horseshoes that you will need to "create" it or unlock it. For example, in order to unlock the first Horse Hall Mystery Horse, which is the Space Horse, you will need to collect five Silver Horseshoes. has taken the guesswork out of it for us and revealed the horseshoes "recipes" you'll need to unlock each Mystery Horse. To see all the Horse Hall Mystery Horses and what kind of Horseshoes you need to unlock them, click here. The Horse Hall feature may not be that exciting to all farmers, but it does offer yet another opportunity to score some free FarmVille Horses if you are willing to do the work. There are no time constraints or otherwise lengthy requirements and if you have FarmVille Horses to spare that you aren't interested in breeding, try your luck by placing them in the new Horse Pen and put them to work collecting Horseshoes for new Horses.

New Vehicles for Lazy Farmers

This week FarmVille debuted a new FarmVille Orchard Harvester vehicle. The Orchard Harvester does just that, it harvests up to twenty of your FarmVille Orchards in one click. If this sounds a bit lazy to you, it could save some time for those farmers particularly interested in tree breeding. You know the ones I'm talking about, the ones that have dedicated an entire FarmVille farm to tree growing jam-packed with Orchards. The neighbors we especially love for sharing trees and the fruits of their labor. If you're interested in the Orchard Harvester for yourself, its price tag is set at 100 Farm Cash and so far there's no Farm Coin option. If the Orchard Harvester doesn't suit your farming fancy there's also plans for an Animal Pen Harvester vehicle that will harvest all your farm's animal pens in one click. Too frivolous for 100 Farm Cash or perhaps a much-needed luxury that could save you time is for you to decide. I prefer to harvest my Orchards one click at a time and my animal pens as well.

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