Defiance patches itself up and gives back to its dedicated fanbase


I don't know about you, but I've been enjoying the hell out of Defiance, the Borderlands-ish, third-person shooter, MMORPG. Like most MMORPGs, the beginnings are a bit bumpy. Same can certainly be said for Defiance. Console versions weren't as responsive as the PC version, and bugs popped up across the board. It's then to Trion's credit and dedication to their fans, that a whole lot of bugs will be patched up in a major update that will go live Monday or Tuesday. You can check the entire list of bug fixes right here.

What's more, to say thanks to its dedicated player base that stood by them through the rocky start, all current players will receive an exclusive in-game title and boosts.

Executive Producer, Nathan Richardsson posted:

Like in all relationships, it's give and receive. We've asked a lot of you lately, going through some difficult times during our launch. While you've been very understanding and patient with us, we still feel we can do more. More than addressing the issues with servers, improving the client, deploying patches and preparing a long road of massive free (and paid) DLCs, more than evolving the future of Defiance with you.
You might have had disconnects, unable to log in early on, long time to patch, wrong keys, pre-order items missing or simply had to read through my blogs while waiting for the servers to come up after code deployments.
It's been rough, we know. So your account now has a gift from us, to you. To make good, to show you that we really appreciate what you've gone through with us. It includes;

• Exclusive Launch-Only In-Game Title: Daredevil
• 1-Week Weapons Skill Boost
• 1-Week Scrip Boost
• 1-Week Loot Boost
• 1-Week XP Boost

So there you go, who says early adopters always get the short end of the stick. If you're playing Defiance, don't hesitate to add my character, Listonosh.