Square Enix takes on the seedy world of crime in Crime Connection on iOS, Android


If you're ready to escape the laws that bind us in the real world and break them all, at least virtually, you might be interested in Crime Connection, Square Enix and Taito Corporation's newest mobile game on iOS and Android.

Crime Connection takes place in Sunlight City, a seemingly perfect town with a crime-filled underbelly. In an effort to rise the ranks of the criminal underworld, players in Crime Connection can claim a small slice of Sunlight City for their own, completing quests and other tasks to expand their influence amongst the city's other questionable citizens.

As players make their way through the missions of Crime Connection, they'll encounter other crime organizations that may be friendly or competitive, and they can build homes, businesses, and more that will each earn money over time. The more buildings a player owns, the more gangsters they'll be able to recruit, which can be sent into battle against those other crime organizations, with new territory going to the victor of each encounter. This brings strategy to the game, as a mistimed attack can mean the loss of property instead of the acquisition of new land.

If you're ready to take on rival gangs in online battles with players all around the world, you can now download Crime Connection for free on iOS or Android.

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