BioShock Infinite hides easter egg with psychedelic 70's music trick

BioShock Infinite possession
BioShock Infinite possession

(Contains NO story spoilers)

Finding secrets, or easter eggs as they are sometimes called in a video game is like scoring a high-five with one of the developers. For me, it's a very personal experience, one that usually leaves me tickled with a newfound appreciation of the detail programmed into a video game. In most games, finding those secrets are a test, veering you far off course to find. Irrational Games' newest title BioShock Infinite, shows you that the coolest ones are right along the beaten, linear trail.

Upon gaining your first vigor (basically a special power for the BioShock uninitiated), some weird, illegible sounds play. YouTube user EveryClickCounts had the great idea to reverse the audio to see if a new message would be revealed. See the results for yourself:

IGN has also discovered the audio sample used to create the creepy ambient noises inside Columbia's buildings. There are no story spoilers in this video but beware, some clips from later in the game are shown:

[Via Kotaku]