Warframe (PC) Preview: What 'Dark Sector' should have been years ago

WarframeRemember in those early days after the Xbox 360′s announcement when Digital Extremes was demonstrating their upcoming science-fiction shooter, Dark Sector? The same Dark Sector that turned into a third-person action title and didn't exactly receive the best reviews? Well, Digital Extremes is going back to the original plan, but now as Warframe, a free-to-play shooter that casts you as a ninja in futuristic battle armor, complete with cooperative modes so you can play it with friends!

Warframe has no official release date, but you can participate in the open beta via Steam, or as a download from their website.

I'll be blunt. The game is fun, but nothing too impressive. The character movements for dodging and wall-running are neat and the game looks pretty nice given the hardware I use, but if the game had done a bit more to innovate and add flavor, if even just to spruce up the otherwise bland art direction used for the level design, I'd be all for it. As it stands, it's a bit on the generic side.

Here's N and I, discussing in detail what Warframe is, as well as our thoughts on the experience.

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