Slayin cheats and tips


In a shocking twist, the number one paid iPhone and iPad game does not involve Angry Birds, Temple Run or Minecraft. That said, FDG Entertainment's Slayin literally came out of nowhere and grabbed the top spot, thanks to addictive gameplay, retro graphics and simplistic controls. It's also excruciatingly difficult, packing the sort of challenge that rekindles fond memories of the toughest NES and Super Nintendo games. On that note, this guide will help tip the odds in your favor.

-Loot disappears after a few seconds, so be sure to pick it up as quickly as possible.

-The Shopkeeper appears after and during levels. Similar to loot, he also disappears if you don't act fast enough. Miss him, and you miss out on purchasing valuable items.

-Don't hoard those gold coins. Instead, cash them in with the Shopkeeper for different weapons, health and armor.

-Always make sure your hero has armor, and top it off whenever possible. It's the best way to prevent monsters from chipping away at your character's health bar.

-Keep a close eye on that health bar, since dying means having to restart from the beginning of the game.

-Monsters often float upwards from the bottom of the screen. Wait until these creatures are on the surface before walking in their direction. You'll avoid taking damage that way.

-Learn how each monster type behaves. Does it jump around and/or throw projectiles? The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to kill your adversaries.

-You can switch the controls for right and left-handed players in the Options menu.

-Acquire a Dragon's Scale. It costs 5,000 fame points, but this item allows you to continue after dying.

-Complete in-game quests to earn more fame points.

-You cannot destroy skulls spat out by a gravestone. You must destroy the stone itself.

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