Real Racing 3 hints and tips straight from the workshop

Real Racing 3 cheats tips
Real Racing 3 cheats tips

At some point today (April 11), you'll be cruisin' in a Camaro Z1 across your iPhone and/or iPad and/or Android device in Real Racing 3, thanks to an update that developer Firemonkeys will push out today that introduces Chevrolet vehicles and cloud saves. The first major update for the free-to-play racer, scheduled to go live today, will also include stats leaderboards, notifiers for when your friends are online and 100 new race events to conquer.

For those who haven't lost several hours of their free time to the game already or who simply want to up their game, Firemonkeys deemed this a fine time to provide with an exhaustive list of hints and tips to make sure you're on track to victory. Straight from the producers of Real Racing 3, here are several ways to supercharge your time with the racer:


  • There are lots of different ways to play Real Racing 3 - check the Controls menu to find out more

  • You can choose between touch and tilt controls & you can also change the driving assists from the Controls menu

  • Looking for more challenge? Disable the assists from the Controls menu

  • You can also tap the Camera button to try out different driving experiences

  • You can switch between imperial and metric in Settings

  • Reverse by pressing and holding brake

  • Pinch to zoom on the Main Menu for a closer look!

Race Events

  • Make sure you explore the events list on the Main Menu - there's always something new to do and exiting new events to compete in!

  • Every car features in multiple series of events - explore the Main Menu to check out your options

  • Purchasing a car automatically gains you access to all the series it features in

  • Showcase events require a specific car to compete

  • The more cars you own, the more events you have access to

  • Want to try a new series? Tap on it, buy a car and you're in!

  • In Endurance mode, the cars and drivers get steadily better - upgrade your car to last longer! Also in Endurance mode, you stop scoring if you drive off-road, so stay on track!

  • Return to old events and earn better trophies to increase your series completion percentage

Repairs, Upgrades & Service

  • Keep your car repaired and serviced to ensure it's at peak performance

  • Collisions during events cause damage to your car, so drive carefully!

  • If you don't repair and service your cars, their performance will suffer

  • Going off-road can damage your car and will mean you have to service it more often

  • Can't win a Trophy? Make sure your car is fully serviced and in peak condition

  • Unlocking Events, Earning Fame &Trophies

  • Earn Trophies to unlock more events and earn Fame to increase your Driver Level and score bonus Gold

  • The better your position in an event, the more R$ and Fame you earn

  • Earn Trophies to increase your series completion percentage and score bonus R$ and Gold!

  • To get 100% on a series, earn a Gold Trophy in every event

  • Each Tier you unlock earns you bonus R$

Real Racing 3 hints tips
Real Racing 3 hints tips

Upgrading Your Car

  • Having trouble winning? Try upgrading your car or purchasing a new one

  • Install upgrades to improve your car's performance

  • Different classes of car have different upgrades available - high end cars feature deeper upgrade trees

Time Shifted Multiplayer

  • Add Friends to earn more bonus R$ in Time Shifted Multiplayer!

  • Earn a Gold Trophy on any event to compete against elite Friends

  • Beat Friends in Time Shifted Multiplayer to earn R$ bonuses

  • If you're online, every opponent in Real Racing 3 is a time-shifted double of a real player!

  • If you're online, every event in Real Racing 3 is a Time Shifted Multiplayer event

  • Real Racing 3 carefully chooses the opponents you race against to keep the competition exciting

  • Your best race results are submitted for other people to compete with in Time Shifted Multiplayer


  • Make sure you check out your stats in the Profile

  • Still want more info? Check the Help & About section

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