Madden NFL Superstars and NHL Superstars on Facebook will close May 13


After a brief time in the spotlight, EA's "Superstars" series of sports games on Facebook quickly dwindled, leaving EA to close various games in the franchise over time (FIFA Superstars, for instance, closed on March 31). Now, both Madden NFL Superstars and NHL Superstars have joined the list of "failed" games, as EA has announced the closure of both on May 13.

This closure news has been confirmed on EA's Service Updates page, and we've learned a bit more about each closure thanks EA's support website. As you might have guessed, the closure announcements come with the justification that resources are going to be poured into new or even existing (but more popular) games. In terms of premium currency, players of both games are encouraged to simply spend their Football Cash or Hockey Cash, with no transfer program being available to transfer that premium currency into other games.

It's worth nothing that Madden fans still have one official gameplay option on Facebook, as EA's Madden 13 NFL Social is still available for play as of this writing. Of course, whether or not this should actually bring comfort to players or not is left up in the air, as both Madden NFL Superstars and Madden NFL Social are only listed as having 100,000 players each on Facebook.

Whatever the case, it's sad to see this chapter in the world of Facebook sports games close, but hopefully it won't be long before sports fans have more options to sink their time into. As soon as we learn more about any up-and-coming Facebook sports games, we'll make sure to let you know.

Are you disappointed to learn that Madden NFL Superstars and NHL Superstars are being closed down? Did you routinely play either of these games in the past? Sound off in the comments!