GolfStar cheats and tips

GolfStar cheats tips
GolfStar cheats tips

Com2uS' GolfStar could benefit from an update or two, but it's still a decent sports game for iPhone and iPad. That said, we expect a lot of people to download it from the App Store, and there's a good chance they'll need some advice to get the most from this experience. On that note, the developers included a variety of tips in the game, the majority of which you'll find below for easy reference.

-Stat permanently increases as you obtain outfits.

-You can accurately adjust the point where the ball will fall by touching the empty space on the screen.

-The flag mark on the power gauge shows a good estimate of the power required to reach the hole.

-Finish three holes and obtain bonus XP.

-Power-up Supplements (Discount, Lucky Pass, Free Pass) are automatically used when you Power-up an item.

-Check your Inbox often for rewards.

-You can earn more Hearts by completing quests and achievements.

-You can receive up to 20 Hearts via Facebook invitations. Resets every 10 days.

-Item Classes are categorized: Regular < Advanced < Rare < Unique < Legend.

-If you are disconnected during a multiplayer game, the game will continue automatically. Reconnect to resume.

-Power-up Lucky Passes increase your stats when you Power-up.

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