Fruit Blast Mania: Boost your game with these developer hints and tips


Earlier this week, TeamLava and Storm8 unleashed Fruit Blast Mania on the iTunes App Store, a cute and colorful "Collapse-style" puzzle game that is sure to strip away all of your free time for the foreseeable future. After spending some time with the game and bringing you our full review, it's actually a surprise that we've been able to put the game down long enough to bring you some helpful advice and tips straight from the developer.

We're here to do just that though, so check out these tips for both beginners and for pros on how to succeed in Fruit Blast Mania, one juicy explosion at a time.

Beginner Tips:

Stars: It takes an energy to play a level, but winning a level with 2 or 3 stars will reward the energy back to the player! If you're playing well, you never have to run out of energy.

Color Mode: Creating bigger clusters of the color the level requires (e.g: fill the juice meter with red fruit) will earn the player exponentially more points.

Blender: Don't forget to use the blender! It fills up as the player makes matches and when full (you'll know as it will sparkle) you can use it to clear an entire column. And it's free!

Pro Tips:

Trapped Babies: Do your best to keep babies away from corners that appear like reverse L's: _ They'll have no room to slide to the right and get trapped.

Efficiency: Be as efficient with your moves as possible. Make sure each move contributes directly to the level's goal (e.g., if it's a digging level, make sure your moves clear as much hay as possible)

Checkerboards Are Bad: Avoid creating "checkerboard" patterns with differently colored fruit

When in Doubt: When in doubt, pop things on the bottom instead of the top

There you have it! A series of tips and tricks to get you started in Fruit Blast Mania. If you haven't tried the game yet for yourself, make sure to download it for free on either iPhone or iPad using the handy dandy link below.

Download Fruit Blast Mania on iOS >

Have you tried Fruit Blast Mania on iOS? Do you have other tips to share with your fellow gamers? Make sure to let us know in the comments!