Zynga partners with iNis to release Eden to Green on iOS, Android


Elite Beat Agents developer iNis is set to launch its latest game with the help of Zynga, as Eden to Green will soon be launched on iOS and Android. Eden to Green stars a group of living, thinking plants that want nothing more than to live in peace on their isolated planet. This peace is disrupted by a group of alien robots, but these tiny plants won't take the beating lying down.

According to Inside Social Games, Eden to Green offers turn-based strategy gameplay as you'll use plants with varying strengths and abilities to complete each level. The overall goal in each stage is to not only eliminate all of the robots on the map, but to also spread lush green grass to an end point (like a trapped and dying tree or an oil pipe). At the same time, the machines are trying to spread oil which destroys grass, so forethought and unit variety is key if you wish to help these little plants survive.

Players can spend real money on new units, receiving potentially rare and powerful items at random, but Facebook connectivity will also allow gamers to virtually "borrow" their friends' plants a few times per day. Eden to Green is currently only available in the Canadian App Store, but we'll bring you a complete review of this free-to-play game as soon as we learn more.

Are you excited to try Eden to Green on iOS? What do you think of the look of this turn-based strategy game? Sound off in the comments!