Dungeon Hunter 4 cheats and tips

Dungeon Hunter 4 cheats tipsThe fourth edition of Gameloft's popular Dungeon Hunter series hit the App Store this morning, and we awarded the game a 3.5 out of 5 stars in our review earlier today. We've since put together some hints and tips to get you on the path to gory glory.

- If you're new to action-RPGS, get used to kiting as soon as possible. This means getting as much of your assault in as possible, then getting distance from the enemy so as to avoid their counter-attacks, while you ready yourself for the next assault. This is especially important against larger elite enemies.

- In addition to the above, pay very close attention to the combat animations of the creatures you'll face off against. Very often you'll be given a warning of the type of damage (area-of-effect or local) that's about to land, and what you'll need to do to avoid it. These warnings can be essential in the trickiest battles.

- Some creatures will spawn smaller minions during battle, so it's important to prioritize your targets - particularly when the battlefield is extremely busy. If the quantity of the particular creatures you're taking down keeps increasing, you probably need to switch your attention to something larger that's lurking nearby.

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