ChefVille Aftertaste: Thanks for the extra storage, but can we have some more?


Over the past few weeks, we've seen Zynga finally start to crack down on some of the major issues that plague ChefVille players, from giving them a new way to earn Salt, to providing storage space for ingredient stalls in the Greenhouse. Now, we've seen the game's decoration and appliance storage be addressed as well via the overall storage capacity increase from 50 to 70 items.

These 20 new items can be decorations from limited edition quests, appliances from expired Ribbon cooking events, or even extra ingredient stalls that you wish to keep in your game, but don't have room to store inside the Greenhouse. However you fill these 20 spaces is up to you, but we're still left to wonder why this storage cap exists in the first place.

Let's think about it: What is Zynga getting out of limiting storage access in ChefVille? If there was a Storage Cellar, or another similar item in the game that only cost Chef Cash to build, and offered unlimited storage to players, I suppose I could better understand Zynga limiting access to free storage spaces. Since that doesn't exist though, it just seems like this arbitrary cap does more harm than good.

After all, are players going to want to purchase limited edition or premium Chef Cash decorations for their restaurants if they don't have enough clear land to display them? Or, in the case of holidays or overly themed items, will players be willing to pay Chef Cash to purchase decorations that they'll have to look at even after their matching holiday and event is over, because they don't have room to store them? It's a conundrum that I simply don't understand, but at least Zynga has done something to ease the pain, even if only slightly.

If an additional storage increase is released in ChefVille, we'll make sure to let you know. Stay tuned.

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What do you think of this increase in the storage capacity in ChefVille? Has this increase allowed you to reorganize your restaurant and clear out the clutter? Sound off in the comments!