Survey: Creepiest Requests From Bosses

Creepiest requests from bosses: despondent worker
Creepiest requests from bosses: despondent worker

If you're like most workers, you probably navigate a number of complex relationships every day. Hard-to-please customers. Temperamental co-workers. But of course, your relationship with the boss is paramount, and handling that can become all the more challenging if your boss places unreasonable, perhaps even nutty, demands on you. And according to a new survey from CareerBuilder, an AOL Jobs partner, many workers face that predicament as nearly 1 in 4 workers (23 percent) say their bosses have asked them to perform "non-work-related" tasks.

The national survey of more than 3,500 workers found that most workers respect their boss (64 percent), though 1 out of 3 think they're smarter than their managers. But when asked to describe their day-to-day assignments, a surprising number complained that they were asked to do things that were, well, a bit unusual. If not creepy.