Ares and Killer Frost join the Injustice: Gods Among Us roster

Injustice: Gods Among UsIn the brand smacking new trailer put out for Injustice: Gods Among Us, there is a bit of a fight going on between DC characters Ares and Killer Frost. Suuuure, these may not be the most popular DC characters, but they look damn amazing in the game. I found myself especially in awe of Ares' skill set and general movements – very terrifying.

Ares is exactly what you'd expect him to be; the god of war (also known as Mars) who is a villain for Wonder Woman. After all, if Wonder Woman is a goddess she might as well have some divine competition. Then there is Killer Frost. She might be a tad bitter, dare I say cold, when it comes to men – but damn she looks good in game. Fighting games just need that ice based character. Oh, how Sub-Zero has spoiled us.

Check out the trailer/fight below and look forward to these two gems in less than a weeks time.

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