Northrop Wins $53 Million for Computer, Air Defense Work


Northrop Grumman came away with more contract wins than anyone else Tuesday on the Pentagon's supplier list, scoring two contracts worth nearly $53 million, combined.

The larger of the two contracts, worth $40.5 million, tasks Northrop's Information Systems division with performing research and development, enhancement, integration, deployment and sustainment work related to the Secure Access Baseline for the EnterpRise (SABER) initiative for the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence community and Department of Defense customers. Northrop has an April 9, 2018, completion date for this work.

The company also won a $12.4 million contract to extend by four months its work on the Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar (C-RAM ) Command and Control System. C-RAM is a system that integrates the military's existing field artillery and air defense sensors with a commercial off-the-shelf warning system and a Navy-designed interceptor rocket to shoot down incoming indirect fire rounds -- mortars, artillery shells, and the like.

According to the Pentagon, counting the instant extension, Northrop's underlying C-RAM contract is now worth $156 million.


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