DC Universe Online previews: Origin crisis revealed

DC Universe OnlineDC Universe revealed some hidden gems at GDC. We can finally talk about them this morning and cannot wait to show you what they have in store.

DLC 7 has been called the Origin Crisis and will be taking players on a time traveling dimensional journey. If you want to look at the storyline, DLC 2 "Lightning Strikes" becomes the effect and DLC 7 "Origin Crisis" is the cause. Players will be going through the story backwards to find out what happened with Brainiac and Lex Luther.

During GDC, we sat down with Jens Andersen to go over all of the material for DLC 7. With time travel, alternate dimensions and Quantum Powers, it is no wonder DC Universe has something major planned.

DC Universe Online The storyline is very important to the DC Universe folks for DLC 7. They have a lot of twists and turns for players to explore. You may find yourself on either side of the conflict in the time war. Lex Luther and Batman serve as the puppet masters for the expansion. The team also is planning to explore some of the darker aspects of Batman and other heroes to really give the player some puzzles to solve. They want the paradoxes to stand out and players will be allowed to join forces with Batman in different dimensions where he is not the good guy.

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