ChefVille 'Let's Hear it for the Beans' Quests: Everything you need to know


As you work on cooking Mochi dishes inside the new Mochi Station in ChefVille, you'll quickly find yourself with a need for Red Beans. Thankfully, Zynga has released a new Red Bean Crate that will help you collect them to keep right on cooking. This Red Bean Crate comes with a series of three new quests to complete called "Let's Hear it for the Beans." We're here with a guide to completing these new quests, with help from Zynga. Let's get started!

That's Azuki to You

  • Place and Complete Red Bean Crate

  • Cook 10 Veggie Kebabs

  • Craft 6 Dough

The Red Bean Crate can be placed for free via this quest window and unwrapped using three energy. From there, you'll need to collect seven Cute Rice Cookers to complete the Crates. These Cute Rice Cookers are earned by posting a general news post onto your feed.

As for the Veggie Kebabs, these are prepared on the Grill using two Tomatoes and two Mushroom per 30 second batch. Finally, the Dough is created inside the Mixer using two Flour and one Milk per two-minute batch. When you finish this first quest, you'll receive three Dough, 10 XP, and 20 coins.

Festive Festival

  • Collect 8 Cherry Blossom Ornaments

  • Craft 8 Lemon Tart Fillings

  • Serve 2 Focaccia

The Cherry Blossom Ornaments are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Focaccia is prepared inside the Brick Oven using five Onions, two Dough, and one Pepper per batch. This dish takes 16 hours to cook, so feel free to use any Spices you might have in your inventory to speed up this process. You'll receive four Tomatoes, 20 XP, and 30 coins when you complete this quest.

Blossoming Wishes

  • Have 8 Cherry Blossom Festival Well Wishes

  • Craft 15 Red Bean Mochi Filling

  • Craft 12 Tomato Sauce

The Cherry Blossom Festival Well Wishes are earned by sending out more requests for your friends to help you. While you're waiting for those to arrive, you can create the Red Bean Mochi Filling inside the Mochi Craft Station. This is yet another building project inside your restaurant, although this one costs 500 coins to purchase in the store. From there, you'll need to spend energy to unwrap the item, and will need to collect building materials to finish it off.

To finish the Mochi Craft Station, you'll need to collect four Japanese Dessert Dishes, four Mochi Suggestions, four Filling Coolin' Plates, and four Japanese Snack Trays. These items, as you might expect, are earned through a combination of general news items posted to your wall and individual requests sent directly to your neighbors.

Finally, you'll prepare the Tomato Sauce inside the Mixer using five Tomatoes and four Onions per five-minute batch. Finishing this final quest in the series gives you a Japanese Koi Flag for your restaurant, along with 40 XP, and 50 coins.

These quests will only be available for the next six days. Good luck finishing them all in time!

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