Are Share Buybacks Good News for Monster Investors?


Monster Beverage has announced that it is instituting a $200 million share-buyback program. This comes only a short time after the company spent $727 million on share repurchases in the second half of 2012. Is this the right move for the company? Why aren't we seeing buybacks at the same level as the ones we saw last year? In this video, Motley Fool consumer-goods analyst Blake Bos tells us whether this move is good news for investors.

The stakes are high for Monster Beverage these days. The stock had been nothing short of a rocket, but recent developments have sent shares spiraling downward. Health scares sparked a number of investigations at the state and federal level into the energy drink's role in several fatalities. With the company's value slashed in half, investors are wondering whether Monster Beverage is a value or a bust in the fast-growing energy drink category. Find out now in our brand-new premium research report, which details all the ins and outs you need to know about Monster Beverage. Click here now to claim your copy and start reading today.

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