Beat the Heat by Knowing How to Score Summer Hotel Deals

Savings Experiment: Summer Travel SavingsSummer is a great time to travel, but hotel prices during this season aren't cheap. Here's how to score the best deals on lodging when the weather warms up.

When booking a room, the early bird does not always get the worm. During high traffic periods, hotels typically post sales one month prior, so booking more than 60 days in advance won't be beneficial. Instead, book no more than 30 days before you want to arrive in order to tap into the best sales.

Keep in mind that most hotels have good cancellation policies, sometimes letting you cancel up to 48 hours in advance without penalty. So, if you see a good deal, book it. Of course, double check with your specific property to see how much time you have to change your mind.

Another tip is to call up your hotel of choice directly. Many chains will match third-party website prices, and may even have unpublished rates. These unadvertised prices can reduce online prices by as much as 25 percent. There's no harm in asking.

hotel balconySo, if you're ready to jet out of town this summer, use these tips to cut the cost of your hotel stay. This way, you can enjoy the heat without letting it burn through your budget.
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