Could OUYA lose the battle before it even begins?

OuyaI'll be honest, when the OUYA was first announced, I was one of its biggest supporters. I mean, a system that's dedicated to the independent developer, one that's easy to make games for and lets you modify it however you see fit? And with the option to try them out before buying? I jumped right into the KickStarter without hesitation, wondering what could be next.

But lately...I'm not so sure. It's hard to tell exactly at what point my faith in the independent company began to waiver, but waiver it has, and now I'm left wondering just what happened to my purchase.

Granted, this isn't a matter of Sony wowing me with PlayStation 4 technology, or some other bold competitor coming forward and stunning me with their own game. This is a matter of errors. No, scratch that – vital mistakes. Mistakes that, sadly, could very well cost OUYA the fight before it even kicks off this June.

But I have my reasons, so let's go over each one, shall we?

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