Mr. Runner 2 sprints onto iPhone, iPad later this month

Zing Games' popular side-scrolling platformer Mr. Runner has been downloaded on iOS over five million times, but if that original experience has left you wanting more, you'll likely be pleased to learn that Zing Games will release a sequel to the title later this month.

Mr. Runner 2: The Masks looks almost entirely different from the first game thanks to a visual transformation that removes (apparently) all of the white and black environments and replaces them with tons of color and shapes. Players are thrown into the subconscious of "Mr. Runner," left to dodge obstacles and catch someone or something at the end of the game that knows the secrets behind Mr. Runner's true identity.

In each environment, players will gather new masks that change the game. Masks may be as simple as wizard's hats and sunflower masks or something more complex, such as a reference to a movie or video game pop culture icon. There are 32 levels in the upcoming game, along with 54 masks to collect in all. Mr. Runner 2 will launch on iOS on April 24. Make sure to check back with us then for a full review.

Are you excited to try Mr. Runner 2 on iOS? What did you think about the first game? Sound off in the comments!

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