Storm8's Fruit Blast Mania takes off on iOS


Puzzle games are a dime a dozen on iOS, but Storm8's newest offering on iPhone and iPad looks to sweeten the genre. According to Storm8 and developer TeamLava, Fruit Blast Mania promises to offer game modes that we've never seen before, and players everywhere can now see whether or not that's the case via the game's launch on the iTunes App Store.

Fruit Blast Mania comes as a free download, and is supported by microtransactions in the form of additional energy bundles, coins and gems. Each stage comes with a different goal, from removing all of the blocks of a single color to causing baby critters to fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. Removing blocks is as simple as tapping on a group of two or more that already happen to be touching. Some levels come with a limited amount of moves or symbols, which should make the game more challenging, even for the most seasoned of "collapse" fans.

"From day one, Storm8 has focused on building a mobile social gaming network and developing multiple hits in every gaming category that we pursue," said Storm8 CEO Perry Tam, via a company release. "With the success of our first two social arcade titles, we knew that Storm8 players were ready for a third installment. Fruit Blast Mania goes beyond traditional tile-matching gameplay that is sure to entertain fans of arcade puzzle games everywhere."

Fruit Blast Mania is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back with us later this week for a full review.

Download Fruit Blast Mania on iOS >

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