Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema review

Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema review The Fear For Sale series starts in 2010 where Elefun Games released the first game in the series; Mystery of McInroy Manor - a pretty average game. Then in 2011, Sunnyvale Story was out and proved to us that the developers have more to give. The series keeps getting better and better and we have quite a high hope for this third game, Nightmare Cinema and we do not disappoint!

In Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema, you take on the role of a horror magazine journalist where you have been asked by a young girl to investigate a strange case at the abandoned cinema. Audience have gone missing and the projectionist looks very suspicious. The story is very captivating and it even smartly connected with some of the characters from the first two games although it is not necessary to play the first two games first.

Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema has brilliant visuals with stunning effects. Graphics are clear and indeed, spooky. The atmosphere is dark and creepy but none of the scenes are too dark that you have to use magnifier to search for items. The music score is very well composed and not repetitive.

Hidden Object scenes are very cleverly designed. Objects are not overly-difficult to find and some of the interactions are quite cool. You can also switch between the Hidden Object mode and Puzzle mode; this mode-switching feature has been done before many times, however, not for jigsaw puzzle - a fantastic idea which is actually very enjoyable! Puzzles in the game might not be super creative or very challenging but they are not confusing and very fun to play.

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