FarmVille 2 "Be a Kid Again" Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know


The "Be a Kid Again" theme continues to expand in FarmVille 2 this week, as not only have items been released in the store, but a new trio of Crafting Workshop recipes have been released as well. Now, we're ready to take a look at the theme's three new food recipes, which carry on the "tiny" or "young" item theme. We're here with a guide on crafting these three new recipes, so let's get started!

The first recipe is Tangerine Lemonade, which is made using two Lemonade and 14 Pixie Tangerines. You'll receive 20 XP for each one you craft. While the Lemonade is made by combining Lemons and Water over multiple crafting steps, the Pixie Tangerines are earned by tending the tree of the same name: the Pixie Tangerine Tree. This tree is available to purchase in the store for 12 Farm Bucks, and can be harvested once every eight hours. If you don't want to spend the Farm Bucks on a tree yourself, you can tend your friends' trees (where applicable) for a chance to earn some. You can sell a single batch of Tangerine Lemonade for 2,990 coins in the market.

The second recipe is the Ladybug Tomato Cracker, which is made using 12 Cherry Tomatoes and 12 Olives (the olives apparently give the "ladybugs" their black spots. These Cherry Tomatoes can be planted for 30 coins per square. They take two hours to grow, so it definitely doesn't take very long to collect them in bulk. You'll receive 12 XP for each batch of Ladybug Tomato Crackers that you create, and you can sell a single one for 2,120 coins.

The final recipe in this trio is for Chocolate Tangerine Candy. Each batch of these pretty treats requires five Cocoa Powder and 12 Pixie Tangerines to create. The Cocoa Powder is earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help, while, again, the Pixie Tangerines are earned by tending those trees. When you create a single batch of Chocolate Tangerine Candy, you'll receive 17 XP, and you can sell that batch for 3,040 coins.

These recipes will be available in the Crafting Kitchen for the next 26 days, while the Pixie Tangerine Trees and Cherry Tomatoes will only be available in the store for the next 19 days. Make sure to plan ahead if you're looking to earn a lot of coins from these recipes and ingredients.

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