ChefVille Double Energy Statue: Everything you need to know


If you're in the need of tons of extra energy in ChefVille, perhaps to clear out some excess items like Blueberry Bushes or Mushroom Patches, you might be interested in the new Double Energy Statue that has appeared in the store. Only for those with extra money to spare, the Double Energy Statue costs Chef Cash to purchase, and it will only remain active in your restaurant for a limited time.

To be specific, the Double Energy Statue costs 30 Chef Cash to purchase. For that price, you'll receive an Energy Bolt locked in a glass dome, and this bolt will increase your maximum energy cap from 25 to 50 points. This means that if you let your energy completely refill, you'll have 50 energy at any one time, rather than 25. The catch? This item will only remain active in your restaurant for three days, so you'll need to pay more Chef Cash to keep it going after that point.

If you purchase Chef Cash at its normal rate, this 30 Chef Cash Double Energy Statue will set you back exactly $5 USD, which isn't a terrible price, but it definitely isn't great either. If you're a dedicated player that routinely purchases extra energy anyway, this item is probably worth the purchase price, but I can see the overall audience for this item being pretty small. Regardless of your reasoning, if you're interested in purchasing one of these Double Energy Statues for your own game, you can now do so in the store.

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What do you think of this Double Energy Statue in ChefVille? Will you purchase one of these for your restaurant? If not, what's the most Chef Cash that you would pay? Sound off in the comments!