Next Xbox to cost $100 more, has subscription model, will eat children

Xbox 720 rumorsOkay, so I lied about the eating children part. Aside from that, both The Verge and Eurogamer have reported that Microsoft is planning to reveal its next-generation Xbox at a May 21st event. Microsoft analyst Paul Thurrott revealed that the console will launch in early November, so if you want to wait outside a store all night before release, there's a chance you could die in the cold.

The next-gen Microsoft console will apparently go with Apple's naming strategy for its iPad, as the next Xbox will just be named "Xbox." There will be two models available -- an expensive model that'll cost around $500, and a lower-priced $300 model that will be available with some sort of subscription. The only subscription I could think of would be for Xbox LIVE, and I doubt that the $500 version would do away with that subscription completely, so it'll be interesting to see what exactly this is about.

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