Help Mittens find love in this clever mobile puzzler

Late last month, Disney released a sneak peek of its upcoming iOS puzzle game Mittens. Now, this furry feline has pounced its way onto the App Store, and we've had a chance to go hands-on with this level-based puzzler.

Mittens is a love-struck kitten that wants nothing more than to find love with a pretty kitty in a rich neighborhood. To do that though, he'll need to gather milk, balloons, and more to impress her. Each item is earned repeatedly over a series of dozens of levels, with chunks of stages being broken into different themes and environments. Starting with neighborhood rooftops and moving into a circus tent and caves, each stage sees you controlling the environment around Mittens, rather than controlling Mitten himself.

In each stage, the goal is to not only collect a bottle of milk or a balloon, but to also collect three diamonds. It's definitely possible to finish stages without collecting these diamonds, and that's easy to do. The challenge though comes from earning all of the diamonds while also making your way to the end goal in a single life.

As we said before, the you'll manipulate items around Mittens, with gravity and momentum actually causing Mittens to move. Breaking a board or opening a water valve will see Mittens sliding up or down, as examples, while birds and monkeys can be used to carry Mittens over pits or to launch Mittens at a sharp angle over long distances.

While each stage may come with the same sorts of obstacles, they're combined in a huge variety of clever ways. Some levels are compact, with all three diamonds and the end goal being visible on the same screen, while others will see you moving far away from your starting position to a goal that you can't even see at the beginning. The longer a level is, the more likely it is that you'll make a mistake, and some levels do rely on a bit of trial and error as both Mittens and the diamonds sometimes move around the screen at the same time.


Cut cutscenes are presented before and after each world, as we see Mittens continue to try and woo his dream kitty, and these cutscenes (as well as the overall game) comes with the same Disney charm that you'd expect. The game's levels are lovely, challenging, but never impossible, and there's a real draw to the experience that makes you want to complete "just one more level." If you're interested in helping Mittens gather these items to impress the kitty of his dreams, you can now download Mittens on iOS for $0.99.

Download Mittens on iOS for $0.99 >

Have you tried Mittens on iPhone or iPad? What do you think of Disney's newest mobile puzzle game? Sound off in the comments!

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